Motorcycling Canterbury has a safe and structured system to offer youngsters that are keen to try or to start out in road racing.
We are a family orientated club with a friendly and fun atmosphere and are focused bringing through the next generation of youngsters to see our club and our sport prosper for decades to come.

“We want to get fresh young talent interested in motorcycle road racing by ensuring that starting out is as straightforward as possible. The MCI Junior road race training class forms the grass roots for our motorcycle racing club. We offer young talents of all ability’s an integrated learning programme with the chance to progress through this proven training system.It has seen many of our clubs young racers rise through the ranks to claim both National and International championship titles.

We run training classes at all of our race meetings at our home track of Ruapuna,also at Levels circuit in Timaru for our winter series. Add to this our very popular Have a go Days, our special Twilight junior training sessions during daylight savings there is plenty of track time to learn and get going fast.

Under the supervision of experienced, licensed trainers, trainees will be able to gain experience of motorcycle racing both on and off track. This class is limited to bikes below 300cc.This makes it possible for riders aged from 7yrs old to learn about road racing in a structured,safe and straightforward manner and at reasonable cost. Riding either their own suitable bike or for a small fee one of the MCI Kayo 150 Gp mini, Suzuki Gixxer 150,Kawasaki Ninja 250 hire bikes We can also provide protective gear (excl helmets).

How it works:
The trainees will be briefed on the schedule and will be introduced to their trainer for the day. This will be an introduction and will give the trainer an insight of their experience and ability. Trainers will explain the motorcycles’ controls and ensure that the youngsters feel at ease on their bikes.
MCI provide a progression document for the trainee and trainer to set goals and document things the trainee is doing well but also things they can work on for the day. They are given a pink Hi Viz vest to ensure visibility to other riders on track. They then get their or the club bike checked in at MCI scrutineering to be valid to go on track.
A typical training class session lasts 10 mins on track and normally they will get 4 sessions for a meeting.
The riders are let out of pit lane with a 5-10 second gap between the riders. The trainer will lead the way and circulate for a minimum of 2 laps ensuring the trainee behind is getting to grips with the bike and track. If the trainer feels the rider is competent enough they may wave them past to lead the way although the first sessions may just be following the trainer.
After each session the trainer will provide feedback and answer any questions. They will then set out things the trainee can work on in the following sessions.

Progression to race:
After a minimum of 10 training sessions the rider and trainer can apply to start racing. They must provide training reports and apply to the MCI Junior race committee where by they will be assessed on track during a Training session. If they meet the requirements of control, correct lines, adequate speed then at the discretion of this committee may enter our junior feeder race class (Certain conditions apply) .

If you are interested or require any more information please contact MCI Junior Race Coordinator Shannon Guthrie 021353159

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